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Savoy Palace, Nini Andrade Silva

Beautifully designed hotels with plenty of Monteiro Fabrics

Our team loves working on the fabrics we create and is always on the lookout for improvements and new designs. We go to work every day with a sense of purpose and a desire to innovate and create even better products.

With that, we often get too focused on daily tasks, so it’s amazing to see our hard work represented around us.

In fact, one of the things that give us the most joy is being able to witness our fabrics in their element. One of the best examples of this feeling is the opportunity to be featured in beautifully designed hotels, as is the case of the Savoy Palace located in Madeira island. 

Named by Forbes the number one hotel to visit in Madeira, the Savoy Palace is synonymous with luxury and high-end tourism, so it’s an honor to be a small part of that experience. The design was meticulously thought by Nini Andrade Silva, who chose our fabrics to complement the Palace’s amazing architecture. This project is a great example of a design that perfectly combines high-quality, with an exquisite aesthetic that’s not only luxurious but still comfortable and warm. 

For us, it is an enormous pleasure to see our products represented in such an elegant way and to be part of a project that showcases them not only beautifully but that also clearly represents our fabrics quality and resistance. 

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Nini Andrade Silva is also responsible for the design of another luxurious hotel: the Vila Foz Hotel & Spa. This hotel was on the Condé Nast Awards shortlist for Excellence and is also a great example of how our fabrics can be used for several purposes and projects. 

Being represented at the Vila Foz Hotel & Spa is another proud moment for Monteiro Fabrics as this is a hotel that won three of the World Luxury Hotel Awards, namely the Best Luxury Architecture Design in Southern Europe; the Best Interior Design Spa in Portugal and the Best Luxury Heritage Restaurant in Southern Europe.  


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Having our products on display in such a beautiful space is proof that our dedication is paying off and being recognized by top interior designers, as is the case of Nini Andrade Silva. 

These accomplishments only make us work harder and push to bring even more innovation to our industry, as we are sure all guests at both the Savoy Palace and Vila Foz Hotel & Spa will continue to demand the best products out there.

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