Due to their resistance and performance behaviour, Monteiro Fabrics are excellent options either for contract or residential applications. Specific technical features enable its application in transport: automotive, marine, bus and motorbikes.


Crafted for safer, more comfortable, and stylish travels, our fabrics meet and surpass OEM abrasion and wear-resistant standards for seating. Elevating your driving experience, we ensure seats are not only comfortable but also colorful, durable, and safe, providing a premium touch to every ride.


With meticulous design and advanced technology, our coated fabrics are purposefully crafted, rigorously tested, and certified to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions.

Footwear and Fashion Accessories

Footwear coated fabrics follow colour and fashion trends, with new collections coming out every six months.  Not only colours, textures, shine and gloss requirements are considered but also regulation requirements for safety and
comfortable shoes.

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Ready in 48 hours

Monteiro Fabrics offers the best service with 1-piece minimums delivered by a fast, reliable, and organized team. With more than 1 million meters always in stock, ready to be shipped within 48 hours of our order, our Stock Service is a unique combination of product, service, quality, and reliability.