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Let's talk about Sustainability

with Alexandra Martins - Monteiro Fabrics



At Monteiro Fabrics, Sustainability is a topic on the agenda! For this reason, we created a multidisciplinary team - combining, Environment, Quality and Development (R&D) — to actively take on and promote the theme, in the certainty that Monteiro Fabrics wants to pursue standards of excellence and position itself at the forefront of the international industry.

A relevant aspect is the fact that the entire production process is integrated into Monteiro Fabrics' facilities, allowing effective control of its activities / processes and, thus, guaranteeing high levels of procedural, operational and environmental performance.

alexandra monteiro fabrics
Alexandra Martins - Area Sales Manager Monteiro Fabrics

An example of this step forward is the compliance and certification of the management system with the ISO 14001 (environmental protection) and ISO 9001 (quality management) standards, which, being of a voluntary nature, lead the MF to continuously improve its performance in addition to the parameters that successively new legislation and regulations impose.

The Environmental Certification (ISO 14001) demonstrates Monteiro Fabrics' concrete commitment to the environment. It includes requirements for a more effective management of its processes, taking into account environmental preservation, pollution prevention, legal compliance and socio-economic needs. In turn, ISO 9001 represents the quality system used worldwide for the Certification of Quality Management Systems.

This seal of quality gives Monteiro Fabrics reliability, international recognition, guarantees consumer satisfaction and provides more assertive investments in improving activities, processes and products.