Interview with Pedro Vasco Ferreira Architecture

Interview with Pedro Vasco Ferreira Architecture

The Architect behind Monteiro Fabrics'​ canteen project. "What inspired you? Describe Monteiro in 3 words."​


Who is the Architect Pedro Vasco Ferreira?

Pedro Ferreira is a not so young architect, father, husband, record collector, dj, surfer and runner in his spare time.


Pedro Ferreira Architecture Studio is an award-winning Portuguese architecture studio based in Porto. Can you share with us 3 distinctions that you are proud of and would like to highlight?

National Rehabilitation Award finalist, Honourable Mention at the Urban Design and Architecture Design Awards, Honourable Mention at the Loop Design Awards.

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Monteiro Fabrics canteen, photo by João Morgado


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How was the Monteiro Fabrics challenge born?

Monteiro Ribas Indústrias is a client with whom we have worked on several projects over the last few years and the challenge of the new canteen came as a result of a series of interventions that the administration has carried out in order to improve the working conditions of employees.


How do you describe the project that Pedro Ferreira Architecture Studio developed for Cantina Monteiro Fabrics?

A passionate project in its challenge and goals. The client's initial intention was to build an iconographic building on a plot of available land, facing the ring road, which would project MR into the 21st century. 

After a deep reflection and analysis of the entire industrial complex, it seemed to us that the option of taking advantage of an area already built and with no relevant use next to the administration building would be a more efficient, economically viable and sustainable solution. Thus, the entire project was designed in continuity with the operating dynamics and strategy for improving the company's conditions.

Monteiro fabrics Canteen project by Pedro Vasco Ferreira Architecture
Monteiro Fabrics canteen, photo by João Morgado


What was the inspiration?

The creation of a comfortable, efficient space that respected the building’s industrial character. The introduction of maple wood and Monteiro Fabrics coatings aimed to humanise and contextualise the canteen’s industrial environment.


In terms of coated fabrics, why was the LAGUNA collection chosen?

The choice of the LAGUNA collection was made in dialogue with our interiors team, Monteiro Fabrics and Fenabel, the company chosen for the execution and furniture supply.


Would you recommend Monteiro Fabrics coated fabrics for other solutions/projects?

Monteiro Fabrics within Monteiro Ribas Indústrias is a family business, with more than 100 years of activity that offers an infinite and almost unique knowledge of the enormous product range it offers.


Four words that characterise Monteiro Fabrics’s added value. 

History, experience, quality, range.

Monteiro Fabrics canteen Pedro Vasco Ferreira Architecture
Monteiro Fabrics canteen, photo by João Morgado


These fabrics' long lasting duration is important in MF as well as sustainability and the reduction of the ecological footprint. The R&D department works on the coated fabrics’ creation with an increase in BIO raw material. Are you aware of MF's strong commitment to sustainability?

Yes. Monteiro Fabrics, both in its products and in its processes, has, over the last few decades, been on the already irreversible path of sustainability, through research and investment in knowledge. Solutions such as the use of olive pits and the recycling of other materials mean that our projects can also be a transforming element in terms of sustainability.


Something you would like to add to this interview..

Just to say that Monteiro Fabrics and the entire Monteiro Ribas universe, more than customers or suppliers, are an inspiration and a learning source for us as a company and business model. They have known how to reinvent themselves, to see the changes in the world, while evolving, respecting and valuing the team, partners and the environment in which they operate. 


Interview between Sr. LUÍS PEDRO and the Architect Pedro Vasco Ferreira

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Monteiro Fabrics canteen at arch daily
Monteiro Fabrics canteen, photo by João Morgado