Monteiro Fabrics Canteen project

Monteiro Fabrics Canteen project

Monteiro Fabrics Canteen project at ArchDaily "An exciting project in its challenge and goals" designed by Pedro Ferreira Architecture Studio to create a comfortable and efficient space that respected the industrial character of the building.

The Acer's woodand Monteiro Fabrics textils aimed to humanize and contextualize the industrial environment of the canteen  Photo by João Morgado

Pedro Ferreira Architecture Studio design and partnership with Fenabel - The Heart of Seating 


In partnership Fenabel - The Heart of Seating the upholstery of the furniture with fabrics from the collection Laguna 🙌 Selected colours: CELADON and MOON. Check the collection here and ask us for a free sample.

Laguna collection was design for all upholstery applications 🙌 Celadon was the chosen reference for our canteen project 👌 😍