A journey through innovation and tradition

A journey through innovation and tradition

Ever since Monteiro Fabrics was created, innovation has been a part of everything we do. From our initial years back in 1917 when we were known for our tannery services, all the way through the 60’s when we started expanding to other areas, we have always sought out new ways of doing things and innovating while keeping true to our roots. 



Today, that is no different. We maintain a sense of tradition and combine it with our understanding that each idea requires an individual solution, which ultimately makes us think outside the box. 


This continuous effort to push for innovation is always accompanied by our mission to deliver high-quality products at the best price, in order to fulfill all our client's projects and ideas. In fact, we are proud to keep our clients in the loop of this constant evolution and always welcome newer and fresher ideas as that is always a way of pushing our company forward. 


Another way we do this is by always improving the fabrics we offer. An example of that is our innovative PU fabrics for the footwear fashion and the safety industry, which were developed by our talented R & D team, following the latest trend and technical demands. 


Despite our company being over 100 years old, we understand that it is important to keep up with the latest trends, and that’s why we present fashion collections twice a year that showcase customized potential and design innovation. We don’t just want to bring out new fabric colors, but rather create lines using new materials and improve on the quality we deliver, season by season. 


A good example of making sure we are at the forefront of the industry’s best practices, is our certification for Safety Shoes Standards, where we made sure to comply with all the requirements for the EN ISO 20345.  


This constant evolution is maintained throughout the company. Not only are we pushing the envelope on the materials we produce but we also want to make sure our culture accompanies that evolution. For that, we constantly incentivize all our departments to think about ways of improving their everyday work.


That type of work is visible in our efforts to be a more sustainable company starting with our office-based roles, all the way to the materials we produce. We have been testing new ways of being more eco-friendly in our processes and also delivering fabrics that don’t arm the environment. 


All this said we are very proud of all the innovation we have achieved over the last few years and are committed to keep pushing for new ideas and improving Monteiro Fabrics as a whole continuously.