A history born from passion

A history born from passion

A history born from passion, hard work, and great clients.

Monteiro Fabrics’ legacy dates back to 1917 when the Monteiro Ribas group was founded. Since then, we are proud to follow the principles of high quality and deliver products we feel passionate about. 

The company, which started out as a tannery, became the market leader in 1950 so at the time it was decided we should expand our expertise into other areas. That’s why a few years later, in the 1960s, we started exploring other areas and growing our range. 


Expanding a business always comes with some challenges, but we were able to push through them and keep pushing for innovation, without ever losing sight of the quality we were used to delivering our clients. 

In the 70’s that innovation came through and we launched the first PU-coated fabric, after having also started producing other products such as vinyl-coated fabrics. Since then, we have been working every day to continue this growth and deliver different types of fabrics, while keeping up with the different technology we have access to now.  

This progress would not be possible without the support of great clients who accompanied us during the entire process and trusted us with their projects. By having demanding clients who supported us along the way, we were increasingly motivated to do better and create fabrics that met their expectations. 

We do so by combining all our experience and know-how, with the ideal combination of traditional manufacturing with modern technology. This way, not only are we able to maintain the traditional roots that brought us here, but we also expand our range through technological innovation. Our efforts to be more sustainable and create more eco-friendly products are a great example of how this combination works - by taking our expertise from years of fabric manufacturing and pairing it with the latest technological developments. 

All these years later, we’re going on our fourth generation as a family business but our core mission is still the same: to develop fabrics with outstanding design, function, and performance.

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