Sustainability and transparency

Sustainability and transparency

Initiatives implemented revealing its commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability and transparency, our most important assets

Aware of how difficult it is to convey the true complexity of Sustainability, especially when it comes to greenwashing, Monteiro Fabrics implemented a set of initiatives in the Environment field, revealing its commitment:

●       Control process and treatment of gaseous effluents, via the monitoring and operation of a regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) treatment system;

●       Reduction of gaseous emissions from the factory, resulting in levels much lower than legal levels and in line with what is established in the conclusions regarding the best available techniques (BAT). In the last 2 years, emissions results of volatile compounds, in waste gases, are around 74% lower than the legal limit; and diffuse emissions of volatile compounds are around 50% below the legal limit.

●       Waste Management Process: KPI monitoring and control, with 99% of waste sent to recovery operations

●       Other waste is reused in the sample packs »» For example, printing/recording paper has a limited lifetime. Instead of going to recycling, we use these wastes as packaging material in shipments of samples and rolls.

●       Efficient use of energy: using energy audits, implementation of rationalisation plans and energy efficiency measures

●       The international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 that certify us guarantee our commitment to the environment, quality management, operational excellence, continuous improvement and development.

●       The European REACH regulations ensure the protection of human health and the environment, through a correct - and early - identification of the intrinsic properties of chemical substances. Thinking of you and our planet, we guarantee that all our products are in strict compliance with these standards.

●       Our products do not contain ingredients derived from animals. That's why we're rated VVV+, the highest level of the Animal Free Fashion ethical rating issued by the LAV.

●       The absence of phthalates reduces our environmental footprint, MF maintaining the guarantee that its products remain soft, elastic and flexible.

●       We reconcile quality and durability! Our collections carry a 10-year warranty, promoting products with a long life cycle, reducing frequent replacements and generating much less waste. Plastic, yes, but very durable!

ana leal monteiro fabrics
Ana Leal Environmental Specialist at Monteiro Fabrics

We are a fully integrated industrial group, where all production processes are included in our facilities. This effective control, in fact, allows us to minimise our environmental impact, by investing in efficient manufacturing methodologies that greatly contribute to the continuous optimization of processes and the rationalisation of resources, resulting in increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

And it is from this set of concerns that BIO collections such as PEEL and others are born, with which we expect to surprise the market as early as 2023.

This is how we improve the daily lives of many people, offering them high-performance coated fabrics, full of technicality, design, innovation and sustainability.

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