10-Year Warranty

10-Year Warranty

Monteiro Fabrics with the longest guarantee on the market

10 Year Warranty means that we have a lot of confidence in our products. But it also means and proves that sustainability is part of our present and long-term goals.

A product with a 10 Year Warranty allows us to say that sustainability matters, that durability is essential and that these factors aligned with the variety of colours and textures, make Monteiro Fabrics a unique company in the market. 

All our portfolio of performance-coated fabrics complies with ISO 9001 (Quality management systems) and ISO 14001 (Environmental standards). Each product has its own performance attributes that offer various benefits for particular applications. Monteiro Fabrics guarantees this for all our stock service materials and on current brand products that carry a 10-year Warranty logo.

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These products are covered by the warranty against any premature physical degradation of their essential characteristics and colour degradation when subject to normal usage.

Physical properties are tensile strength, tear strength, adhesion and abrasion performance. Tensile strength, tear strength and adhesion values after 5 years might have a maximum loss of 30% of the value of the original TDS; after 10 years we guarantee a maximum loss of 45%.

The number of abrasion cycles tested remains the same after 10 years, the classification could reduce a grade, at maximum. Colour degradation could lead to a uniform colour change over time, for the same orientation and exposure.

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Monteiro fabrics with 10 Year Warranty


How do I know that the warranty is valid?

  • The products have been used in the intended applications;
  • The client adopts appropriate practices for assembling and upholstery of the article;
  • Products have been used, stored and cleaned under normal conditions of wear and tear and have been regularly maintained in accordance with our cleaning instructions;
  • The original purchase invoice should be provided;
  • Evidence of the damages found such as physical samples, photos and/or videos must be provided;


What are the exclusions for deteriorations not covered by the warranty? 

  • Improper use of the product;
  • External contamination of any kind;
  • Improper use of the product during assembly and/or upholstery;
  • Failure to follow our maintenance and cleaning instructions or use of inappropriate cleaning agents or instruments;
  • Exposure to extreme weather and environmental conditions and/or air pollution;
  • Natural wear;
  • Commercially acceptable colour variations among production batches;


 When a claim is accepted, how are they handled?

It always depends on the situation and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis but we can use two approaches. 

(i)  If the claim is made within 3 years from the invoice date, Monteiro Fabrics will replace the relevant fabric in part or in full without charging any cost to the Client.

(ii) If the claim is made after 3 years, Monteiro Fabrics will replace the relevant fabric in part or in full, subject to a depreciation calculated as 8% of the original invoiced price multiplied by the number of years of use, calculated from the invoice date.



  • Metallic colours are not included in this warranty.
  • Liability shall be limited to the replacement of the fabric.


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