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MonteiroRibas, Revestimentos, S.A. respects your privacy and is committed toprotect your personal data collected on its Website (by e-mail, textor messages between you and the Website). Thedata may be processed to manage your request and keep you informed onour portfolio of products and on the latest news from MonteiroFabrics. This data will not be transferred to third parties and shallbe saved as long as it is necessary or allowed for the purposes forwhich it was collected. 

Byusing our website, you are hereby granting consent for the processingand saving of personal data you have provided to Monteiro Ribas,Revestimentos, S.A., as due by the General Data ProtectionRegulation.

Atany time this consent can be revoked and you have the right toaccess, rectify or erase, limit or oppose processing, as well as theright to data portability.

Anyof these requests shall be done by e-mail to our customer service:  or by post using the address of the company.

OurPrivacy Policy may need to be updated but the last version will bethe one available on our website. Your continued use of this Websiteafter we make changes is deemed to be acceptance of those changes, soplease check the Policy frequently for any changes.

Collectionand Processing of Data:

Wemay collect several types of information, provided on a voluntarybasis, from users of our Website: name, contact information includinge-mail address or any other information that can be used to identify,describe, locate or contact you for the main purpose of requestexecution. Your inputs may also help us to improve our products andservices. We may use the provided contact to send promotional e-mailsabout our new products and events.

Wealso collect automatically information by the use of cookies.


Acookie is a small file from the internet that, only after youracceptance, will be stored in your computer, tablet, smartphone orequivalent to enable browsing functions. Cookies do not damage yourhardware.

Youmay refuse to accept browser cookies on the banner appearing on thefront page of the website. In that case you may be unable to accesscertain parts of our website.

Thisinformation is used for statistics, and is non-nominal however we canassociate it with personal information collected in other ways. Byvisiting our website, we will get information such as time of visit,areas visited, preferred contents, location … and this informationwill help us to improve our website and to deliver a better and morepersonalized service.


MonteiroRibas, Revestimentos S.A. takes the protection of your data veryseriously and is committed to prevent unauthorized access, use,change or disclose.

Wetake suitable security measures to safeguard and secure theinformation collected via our website.

Informationprovided in website:

MonteiroRibas, Revestimentos S.A. believes that the information provided inthe website is accurate, complete and as much as possible up-to-date. We do not accept any liability in connection with the same except inthe case of gross negligence or willful wrongdoing on the part ofMonteiro Ribas, Revestimentos S.A.

MonteiroRibas, Revestimentos S.A. is also not responsible for security errorsthat may arise when using a computer with a virus to access to ourwebsite or due to the use of malfunctioning or outdated browsers.

MonteiroRibas, Revestimentos S.A. reserves the right to itself to makechanges and corrections to the website without prior notice and doesnot guarantee the absence of errors in the website content, nor thatit will always be up-to-date, inspite the effort that will be done toavoid, correct and update the necessary information.

Theinformation contained in our website is not contractually binding andis exclusive property of Monteiro Ribas, Revestimentos S.A., beingexpressly prohibited any use or copies of it.


Forany questions regarding our Privacy Policy you may contact us via thefollowing contact details:

Monteiro Ribas,Revestimentos S.A.


4202-351 PORTO


+351 228 338 640

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