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Fast-delivery, handled with care and attention.

Over the last few months, we have been looking into how we can keep our clients happy and how we can improve our service. One of the key points clients state as the reason why they choose us is the fast-delivery of our products, so we knew we have to keep that pace when it comes to getting a product to its destination. The good news is: even in the times we’re living, we’re being successful at it.

At Monteiro Fabrics we always want to improve our service, however, sometimes there are external factors that may make it more difficult. These last few months we have been witnessing different industries in the world struggling to find raw materials and to keep up with their logistics standards.

For example, it is increasingly harder to get some specific electronic components, which affects several machineries that are used in many industries, and some factories have even had to stop due to lack of packaging materials.

We have been keeping an eye on this regrettable situation but we are made strategic commitments to keeping our processes as they were. At the moment, we are providing fast-delivery on our products and clients can expect them to be delivered within just 48h days.

 With fast-delivery, our clients can guarantee that their projects are ready in time and can be sure that their package will arrive when they are expecting it. How do we do it? We try to anticipate everything. Despite all these industry setbacks, we are still capable of keeping our stock undamaged. We track all our units and we have been successful at keeping up with our high demand. 

At the same time, even though we deliver our packages fast, we don’t rush them. We make sure that each of our deliveries is prepared with attention and care.

To do so, we have an amazing team that oversees the entire process and guarantees that our products are delivered not only on time but also to our highest quality standards.

Do you have an idea for your next project and need to find a specific fabric solution? We can help! Go to https://www.monteirofabrics.com/en/, choose your product and we’ll get it to you in no time. If you’re split between a few fabrics, you can also request a free sample to compare them.

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